Fairer, Faster Healthcare with Global Care AI

May 5, 2024

Detailed Information


All Health Medical identified a pressing global issue: while people are living longer, they're also experiencing more health problems. The supply of healthcare specialists is declining, and equitable access to healthcare remains a challenge worldwide. Even in developed nations, third-world conditions exist in healthcare, leading to severe delays and inadequate preventive care. With the migration of medical talent from developing nations due to better opportunities overseas, the situation has only worsened.


  1. Global Healthcare Trends:
    • Increasing Longevity: People are living longer, demanding more healthcare.
    • Rising Sickness: An increase in chronic illnesses.
    • Declining Specialists: Fewer medical specialists available.
    • Healthcare Disparities: Unequal access in both developed and developing countries.
  2. Diagnosis Delays:
    • Backlog: 6-month delays for MRI impressions.
    • Preventive Care: Lack of capacity due to system overwhelm.
  3. Talent Drain:
    • Migration: Medical talent leaving developing nations.
    • Overseas Demand: High demand for medical staff abroad.


All Health Medical partnered with SupaHuman AI to develop Global Care AI – the world's first AI-enabled global hospital, aiming to democratise access to professional medical advice. The solution combines AI with crowd-sourced human capital to create a global healthcare provider, connecting clinicians in developing nations with a network of global medical professionals.


  1. AI-Enabled Global Hospital:
    • Professional Advice: AI-driven diagnostics and medical advice.
    • Global Network: Connecting clinicians with medical professionals.
    • Fast-Track Diagnosis: Improved patient outcomes through quicker diagnosis.
  2. Ubiquitous Access:
    • Free Medical Advice: Accessible through AI.
    • Crowd-Sourced Expertise: Leveraging human capital globally.
  3. AI Healthcare Assistants:
    • Global Network: Linking clinicians and medical experts.
    • Equitable Access: Bridging gaps in healthcare.


  1. Reduced Diagnostic Delays:
    • Faster Diagnoses: Significantly reduced waiting times for critical diagnostics.
  2. Improved Patient Outcomes:
    • Better Healthcare: Enhanced patient outcomes through timely and accurate diagnoses.
  3. Enhanced Healthcare Equity:
    • Ubiquitous Access: Making medical advice more accessible to underserved populations.


All Health Medical, through the Global Care AI project, has pioneered a transformative solution in global healthcare. By harnessing the power of AI and crowd-sourced human capital, the project has not only addressed key challenges but also set a new standard for accessible, equitable healthcare. SupaHuman AI's innovative approach has made professional medical advice and diagnostics available to those who need it most, revolutionising the future of global healthcare.

"Imagine a world where accessing medical advice is as simple as a chat. We're building the first global healthcare provider that uses AI to connect people in developing nations with a network of health professionals. With AI-driven diagnostics, crowd-sourced human capital, and instant connectivity, we aim to bridge healthcare gaps and make medical advice more accessible, equitable, and fast." Eli | CEO @ All Health Medical Limited