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complex work with AI, so you can free smart minds from tedious work

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Automate Complex Tasks with GenAI

Generative AI is transforming industries by automating tedious tasks, allowing smart minds to focus on innovation. At SupaHuman AI, we eliminate the complexities, inaccuracies, and costs associated with AI implementation for your business.

We specialise in training, engineering, and customising domain-specific AI solutions from leading AI technologies, propelling your business to new heights of productivity and efficiency.

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Build AI products with us, freeing your teams Smart Minds from Tedious Work

Partner with us to develop AI products that will disrupt your industry and unlock unprecedented productivity. Our solutions enable you to create accurate, secure, and efficient AI tailored to your expertise without writing a single line of code. We integrate your domain knowledge, best practices, and unique processes into your SupaHuman AI, making it an extension of your capabilities.

The SupaHuman Process

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1. Lay the Foundations

We begin by choosing a foundational large language model (LLM), such as GPT-4o, Gemini 1.5, Llama 3 or Anthropic. These models will have initially been trained on a wide-ranging, general dataset with baseline capability aligned to your industry. This foundational training is critical for your AI to develop a broad understanding of language and various topics. Now we get to the fun part!

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2. Train and Tune your AI

Now we engineer and train your AI on your specific industry or domain. This is achieved by training on data that is highly relevant to your field, your processes, documents and standards. Training the model with this specialised data allows it to understand and replicate the nuances and specifics of your use case and know your world.

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3. Integrate and Iterate

Once tuned and trained, we integrate with relevant data sources and channels. This integration is vital for the AI to access and use real-time information. We continuously update and refine the model based on its performance. We make your AI available for Microsoft Co-pilot, native Web UI, or any other web channel like Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp + more.


We’re not building the future.
You are!

From dreaming to designing to deploying, you are in the driver’s seat. Our technology partners plus our methodologies get your AI up and running with supreme accuracy in no time. Domain specific AI to make you and your business SupaHuman.

Supa Intelligent and Hyper connected to over 6,000 apps

On top of your SupaHuman being a domain expert, we integrate it with your everyday systems to level up its ability.

SupaHuman is setting the standard for the future of hyper productivity

Improved Customer Experience

Such as personalisation, 24/7 customer support, and predictive behaviour. AI-enabled decision making can drive customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Decision Making

The speed and accuracy of AI for data analysis, predictive analytics, and decision automation.

Operational Efficiency

Such as document drafting, process automation, document analysis, and conditional workflows drive hyper productivity.

Organisations and individuals without access to AI will fall behind their competition, become less productive and miss out on opportunities to create new products and services

Our Clients


Join in removing the drudgery of work and help drive hyper productivity

AI is not the future of technology, it's the technology of today that's shaping our future. We exist to make sucure, accurate AI that is accessible to all

Why work with us?

Backed by the big guys

We only work with Enterprise Tech and are supported by AWS, Microsoft, OpenAI, Google and Meta.

AI first, AI only  

No side hustle here. AI is our jam.

Actual Experts

AI may seem new, but we've got our PHDs in AI and ML.

Aotearoa at our core

NZ is home to us. We're keeping it that way.

Supa work, Supa clients

We pride ourselves on doing supa work, with committed clients.

Come join the Whānau

Whether you're a master of contextual anchoring or a wizard of feedback loops, your expertise will shape AI that's as unique and diverse as New Zealand itself. So, if you're itching to push boundaries in AI and keen on creating domain-specific marvels for our customers, we'd love to chat. Join us in weaving the digital Tukutuku panels of tomorrow!

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