Transforming Supply Chain Sustainability through AI for Impact Chain

April 8, 2024

Detailed Information


In the rapidly evolving landscape of global supply chains, environmental sustainability has emerged as a critical concern. Impact Chain recognised the need for a transformative solution that could integrate environmental metrics, specifically emissions data, into the procurement and distribution processes of their customers. True North Supply Chains (TN), a key client and a provider of end-to-end print procurement services for New Zealand's Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), required a sophisticated approach to incorporate sustainability into their operations without compromising on cost and efficiency.


To address this challenge, Impact Chain collaborated with SupaHuman AI to develop an advanced AI-driven system. This innovative solution was engineered to evaluate and recommend suppliers based on a comprehensive criteria set: cost, delivery timeframe, and, importantly, emissions data. The goal was to enable more environmentally-conscious decision-making processes for TN, thereby aligning their operations with broader environmental goals.


The project was strategically rolled out in three pivotal stages:

  1. MVP-1: Focused on integrating emissions data into the direct printer-to-MPI transactions, enhancing TN’s ability to make informed, sustainable choices.
  2. MVP-2: Expanded the scope to include the transportation of goods from printers to TN and then from TN to MPI, enriching the emissions data analysis.
  3. MVP-3: Completed the integration by including TN’s facilities within the emissions data framework, offering a comprehensive view of the supply chain’s environmental footprint.


This AI integration initiative fundamentally transformed TN's procurement and distribution strategy, incorporating a robust environmental dimension into their operational decision-making. This not only solidified TN’s commitment to sustainability but also established them as trailblazers in the realm of eco-conscious supply chain management.

Client Testimonial:

“Collaborating with Impact Chain and SupaHuman AI has revolutionised how we approach our operations. The bespoke AI solution not only aligns with our sustainability goals but also sets a new benchmark in supply chain management. It’s been transformative for our business and our commitment to the environment.” - Lauren Salisbury, CEO, Impact Chain

About Impact Chain:

Impact Chain specialises in leveraging technology to address critical challenges within the supply chain sector. By partnering with pioneering AI developers like SupaHuman AI, Impact Chain is dedicated to creating solutions that not only drive operational efficiency and innovation but also promote environmental sustainability and responsibility across industries.